Facts you should know about your car

The Roadworthy Certificate

What is roadworthy inspection?

The Roadworthy Inspection is a check of vehicle to ensure that key components have not worn or deteriorated and that the vehicle is safe for normal rad use.  Any vehicle that is driven on the roads in Victoria, requires a roadworthy certificate which is provided when a qualified mechanic inspects a vehicle and deems it safe for use on the road. In a roadworthy certificate evaluation, components such as brakes, suspension, chassis, tyres and many other major parts are inspected to determine the vehicle's safety. Century Premium Tyres are qualified to inspect vehicles and provide you with roadworthy certificates. License number: 9257

Winterising your car

Winterising your car

When was the last time you got your car checked? Have you done the regular service for your car? The last thing you need is your car to break down in cold, rainy weather. It is always wise to get your car checked before the temperature drops. 

A few tips on how the regular service can winterise your car:

  1. Improve the performance through checking the battery and charging system.
  2. Clean and flush the cooling system and add new antifreeze into it.
  3. Ensure the heater system, window defroster and windshield wipers work well and are in good shape. You don’t want to be a tank commander with a tiny hole cleared in the windscreen.
  4. Check the tyres tread and pressure to ensure you can have safe drive in winter.
  5. Check the oil and oil filters readiness for winter, the dirty and thick oil avoids your engine from starting in cold weather.
  6. Make sure the lights are working, especially the front and rear lights.

Take away note:

The quality and condition of tyres can directly affect your safety and ability to drive in the rain. Tyres with the central water-cleaning grooves can help you to have traction even on wet days.

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